the skinny: emolliate

Skin by Gleam is a small business think tank focused on developing, producing and distributing botanical skincare essentials for healthy skin loving people like you.

It's founder, Craig Baylis often jokes that he has no business in this industry as a proprietor of a line of skincare products, because he considers himself a mere consumer, who learned from his Mom and Dad to nurture and protect the body's largest organ, our skin.    

Craig, who has spent his entire career in the entertainment business, initially as a dramatic artist and notably as a professional dancer, touring with and appearing on television and in music videos for the likes of Will Smith, Dr. Dre, New Edition (Johnny Gill) among others; the previous 20 years as an executive in the music business (Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Televsion and Radio Artists) is a Queens-born, Los Angeles-raised HBCU graduate of Southern University and A&M College. 

While, he jokes about it, a growing community of friends, supporters and prospective investors over the past 7 years have not found any humor in what he has once considered nothing more than a labor of love; a personal experiment in crafting a plant-based skincare solution initially for himself. It has become more than a labor of love over the past year+. Heeding the fervent encouragement, as well as his Wife forcing his hand for his birthday in 2022 by gifting him sample package and labeling assets, he began to see the seriousness of what he invented, emolliate. 

"I found myself spending countless weekend mornings becoming more inquisitive and conversant about the basic chemistry and arithmetic necessary to consistently produce the 'emollient' I desired. After many trial batches, I eventually realized that I may have crafted something special."

That special something, emolliate, which he was giving away and haphazardly selling to friends that insisted is an elevated botanical subtly-scented emollient that Skin by Gleam launched online and exclusively in-store at KUTULA as a pilot in 2023. 

This is the story of Skin by Gleam and its signature moisturizer, emolliate, which is available in the subtly-scented Lavandula and Barbados Seed