Although most of this information is Googlable, we want to lend a few thoughts and some context about our product and brand. Simply, an emollient is a moisturizer; every single product brand that we all may refer to as a lotion, butter or oil of any sort for our skin is an emollient. 

As mentioned previously, we never set out to create a product for public consumption. To be frank, I had one mission, to produce a formula that worked for me; not an emollient for my skin color, simply a product for me; something that I would buy for myself. According to my girlfriend, I met that mission. She's now my Wife.  Based on countless compliments and inquiries among a trustful circle of friends, associates and colleagues, this emollient, according to them is special...elevated. Moreover, emolliate is for EVERY skin loving and caring devotee. 

In 2023, we soft-launched and piloted our product. The feedback has been nothing short of uplifting. My career in the music and media business has been upstaged a bit by this journey, Skin by Gleam, which has produced and officially branded it's product, 'emolliate, elevated botanical skincare'. 

Same product. Same formula. Same company. Newly-branded. 

/emol・li・ate/ verb

to soften, smooth, hydrate, care for and moisturize one's skin, daily. An originated brand and trademark of Skin by Gleam. 


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